Closing the information gap in the evolving fashion world.

Fashion is changing

Shoppers have more options to find the best prices and merchandise.


Fashion companies need to understand complex market dynamics in real-time.


Inform your strategy with real-time Market Intelligence.

Are your prices competitive at the SKU level across global markets?
Are your profit margins being eroded by other retailers discounting?
Are you leaving money on the table by discounting too deeply?
What are the unclaimed sales opportunities in any given market?
What merchandise is exclusive in real-time?
Is your price architecture globally competitive?
Is your product distribution globally competitive?

Pricing intelligence

Optimize pricing with real-time competitive analytics.
The real-time price tracking experience via Ragtrades. This image shows an example of one brand's merchandise priced across several different retailers in the Japanese market. A caption reads “Identify retailers discounting heavily.”
Track products across the competitive landscape at the SKU-level.
The product-tracking experience with Ragtrades. The image shows an example of identical footwear as marketed by several different retailers, using varied names and product photographs. The pricing discount percentages of the retailers are also listed. A caption reads “Unparalleled soft goods matching accuracy.”

Master the complex global pricing landscape

Understand the global market and make apples-to-apples price comparisons.

Three icons showing how Ragtrades helps brands and retailers navigate the pricing landscape. The icons include “Cart-Level Pricing (Shipping & Duties)”, “Currency Conversion”, and “Language Translation”.


Exploit competitive advantages and patch holes in your merchandise mix.
The merchandise mix experience with Ragtrades. The image shows a grid of your brand's product versus your competitors' products, as sold by different retailers and divided up into multiple pricing tiers.
Identify and prioritize exclusive product to build brand equity.
A diagram showing merchandise overlap. Several different retailers are listed, including “Your site”. Numbers in the Venn Diagram overlap indicate how many products are shared between the various retailers. A caption reads “Your Exclusives”, indicating the products carried exclusively by your site.


Normalize and compare prices across global currencies in real-time.
A map showing how Ragtrades simplifies real-time prices across fashion trends. The USA is highlighted, with a label reading “$100 in US: Bomber Jacket”, and showing a picture of the jacket. Australia is also highlighted, with a label reading “$325 in Aus: Off Shoulder Top”, and showing a picture of the top.
Optimize global pricing at the SKU-level.
SKU-level merchandise analysis in the Ragtrades interface. A long, black jacket is shown, with a table below indicating the price of the item, as sold by multiple retailers, in nine different global markets: Germany, the UK, the US, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Australia. Unusually low prices from certain retailers in certain markets are highlighted green. Unusually high prices are highlighted red. The caption reads “A comparison of prices from global retailers, converted into Euro.”


Track promotions, including point-of-sale discounts that apply at checkout.
Point-of-sale discount tracking via Ragtrades is suggested by several different examples of retailer sites. The sites have captions like “Final Clearance” and “Sale: Up to 70% off”.

MAP monitoring for brands

Four high-level Ragtrades account features are shown with simple checkmark icons. These include “Integration (Not required)”, “Unlimited Users”, “Email Alerts & Reports”, and “Data Feed Access”.
Optimize pricing and merchandising to stay competitive.
How we simplify complex market data.
Learn the Ragtrades backstory.